Saber Workshops

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The “Saber Combat Workshops” (SCWs) have only just begun, but they are already becoming a great resource for people to delve into saber combat for several hours at a time, win prizes, and focus on particular aspects of all things saber.

Workshop subjects/focuses include things such as: choreography… sparring… special weapon styles… personal forms… saber spins & martial arts… and stunts/tricks/falls.  There may be future possibilities of Saber Builder Workshops–but those may take some time to launch!

Enjoy, and we hope to see you signed up for the next “SCW” very soon!  May The Force Be With You…

May 2nd SC Event

Come check out SaberCombat.Com’s awesome “May The Fourth Be With You” style event on 5/2 from 3pm-7pm at the *NEW* Twister’s Sports Center!

Tons of games and prizes, including:

  • SaberCombat T-Shirts
  • SaberCombat Training DVDs
  • Movie Tickets with Concession Stand Money!
  • SW T-Shirts
  • SW Plush Toys
  • MP3 Player
  • SaberSpin Tutorial DVDs
  • Solo’s Hold T-Shirts
  • Vintage SW VHS Box Set
  • Gift Certificates
  • Saber Keychains
  • …and more!

Payments at the door, or, you can pre-pay online via PayPal (or any electronic service) to Novastar@SaberCombat.Com


Adult Tickets (17+)


Youth Tickets (16 and -)

For large groups, please e-mail Novastar@SaberCombat.Com directly.

Youth under 6 enter FOR FREE!!! :)

All children under 16 must be accompanied & supervised by a legal guardian.

Announcements about costumes & changing, food & drinks, and facility rules will be made at the beginning of the event.







Download a copy of the LIVE ESB show here…


Nova Starwalker vs. Darth Ripper (5.3.2014 Show & Workshop)SaberCombat.Com debuted a never-before seen *LIVE* version of an epic saber battle from a film from a long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far, away…

* Saturday May 3rd, 2014 @ 12 noon for the special workshop
* All new vocals, sounds, music & ambiance
* Screen-accurate fight choreography (+ some exciting new additions!)
* Functional set, lights, and special props
* Super bright LED sabers!

Q&A Session + Saber Workshop with chances to win PRIZES AND GEAR directly after the show!

LOCATION:  West Sacramento Community Center  1075 West Capitol Ave, West Sacramento, CA

Youth/kids who are 5-6 years old are only $5 at the door!  Extremely young kids 4 and under… are FREE!!  :)  Participation the in saber workshop is optional, but it’s a lot of fun, and will not require any previous skills nor acrobatic athletics!  Come join the FUN!  We welcome parents to experience the workshop WITH their children, for a safe, but exciting experience…

A portion of the funds made from this event will be donated to the “Make-A-Wish” foundation that the May The Fourth overall event is sponsoring!

In addition to the live show, Novastar and Gary will be offering a short saber workshop!  Here are the details:

* All LED sabers provided for usage!  You only need to show up / register to participate!
* Basic saber spins, how to hold the saber properly, basic safety
* Attack positions and targets
* Defense positions and targets
* Patterns and drills with partners
* Fun games and quick “paired partner challenges”
* Ages 7+ are welcomed, especially if young children are accompanied by an adult
* PRIZES & GEAR!!  Saber Combat T-Shirts, DVDs, and keychains will be offered… both for sale AND as prizes/raffles/give-aways!


Saber Combat Workshop 03 (SCW 03)SCW#04 — Personal Saber Forms (Oct 6th, 2013)

Students took a more personal focus in this workshop, focusing solely on saber spins, special moves, saber tosses, martial arts kicks, stances and actions that do NOT require an opponent for you to work on!  With a mind open to the possibilities of personal forms, it’s something students can continue to polish and perfect over time on their own…


Saber Combat Workshop 03 (SCW 03)SCW#03 — Dual Sabers & Staff Work (May 4th, 2013)

Celebrating both “May The Fourth Be With You” (unofficial Star Wars day), and also the 2-year anniversary of the launch of the first NCSCS training DVD, Novastar and Caine combed forces with Tom Badillo and Christopher Villa to bring the community an awesome, action-packed workshop full of fun, training, crazy saber actions, food & fun!  This one was a very unique workshop, as we focused primarily on DUAL sabers and saber STAFF.  Twice the training, double the fun!


Saber Combat Workshop 02 (SCW 02)SCW#02 — Saber Sparring (January 27th, 2013)

SCW 02 was all about learning to spar, or duel in real-time.  In addition to workshop attendees training, they also participated in a tournament.  Primarily, the rules for sparring at our SCW workshops are “strike and don’t be struck”, with the target area above the knees (including hands, body, arms, thighs and the head) in order to score, but you can learn more about the subtleties of real-time sparring by attending a future workshop!

All attendees are provided masks and fencing/padded jackets (along with gloves if need be) during participation, as… safety is a large concern with us!  We want you to learn *AND* have fun… not come out of a workshop with serious injuries.


Saber Combat Workshop 01 (SCW 01)SCW#01 — Saber Choreography (October 7th, 2012)

SCW 01 was about the fun & excitement of creating your own “fight scene”, focusing on “single saber vs. single saber”.  The NCSCS system of targeting & notation aids in allowing workshop attendees to create a robust (read: 30-60 actions) fight sequence/scene both effectively… and quickly!  Although things vary in the world of creating a fight scene (some rehearse for months, some days, some weeks, etc.), and many factors come into play… attendees do it all in a mere hour or two!



Saber Combat Workshop 01 (SCW 01)REMOTE WORKSHOPS & EVENTS


If you would like to have Novastar & Caine come to YOUR area to instruct a workshop, please contact us!

Details such as time/date range desired, length of workshop or class, amount of students we’d be instructing, facility logistics, subject material and your budget for such a workshop are helpful in order for us to plan accordingly!