SaberCombat.Com on French TV! – ‘Unique Au Monde’

About a year and a half ago, I was interviewed by a French TV show called “Unique Au Monde”.  They covered one of my classes, and also a little bit about the process of building sabers.


Special thanks to:

Hans Wikkeling, Christopher Villa, Moranda Lowe, Rebecca Hiene, (Erv), and some of my French saber fans who brought this to my attention!  (I wasn’t even told by the company that they released this)

"Novastar" (Matthew) is the co-founder of CA Bay-Area-based SaberCombat.Com, NCSCS, and Golden Gate Knights. He is an accomplished saber fencing instructor, martial artist, and staged combat expert. For more information, contact him here at SaberCombat.Com, or find him on youtube ("greytale"), or Facebook (Novastar).