Date:February 28, 2013

SaberSpin Tutorial DVD (BanditJedi)

Paul “BanditJedi” Myers created his official “FX-Sabers saber spin tutorial” DVD some years before NCSCS was put together by Novastar & Caine, and so we’ve now made it available for purchase through our website as a special thanks to Paul!

All transactions solely go through Paul on this one… we just wanted to give Paul a solid outlet for him to share his awesome saber spin work!

Official-saber-spin-tuts is proud to offer Paul “BanditJedi” Myers’ SaberSpin Tutorial DVD! All sales of Paul’s DVD go directly to him—we are simply offering it here as an additional “one stop shop” for all things Saber Combat…

Paul’s DVD includes:

  • Step-by-Step basic system
  • 10 Single Saber Spins
  • 10 Dual Saber Spins
  • 10 Saber Staff Spins


For those with no prior knowledge on how to spin a saber, these tutorials were put together using basic instructional techniques, so… anyone can learn how to do the saber spins that are seen on the big screen!

U.S. Orders (Paypal) — $25 + FREE SHIPPING!

Non-U.S. Orders (Paypal) — $35 + FREE SHIPPING!

If you have any questions feel free to message Paul Myers (“Bandit-Jedi”, creator of the Saberspin Tutorial DVD) on Facebook:

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