Client:Purchase NCSCS DVD#2
Date:March 01, 2013


More intense, far more advanced techniques and saber actions, sparring moves, saber spins, combat forms… and even lengthy tutorials on Tricking/acrobatic maneuvers such as the Butterfly Kick and B-Twist (both performed by “Darth Maul” / Ray Park in Episode I of the Star Wars films), the Backflip, and more!  With nearly every video in sharp & crisp HD-quality 1920 x 1080 footage and 3 special guest artists, this second DVD in the SaberCombat NCSCS series is sure to take you leagues forward with your saber combat experience!

Don’t miss this spectacular 4GB+ gem of professional HD-quality instruction by Novastar & Caine!

Also note:   DVD#2 builds upon the techniques and learning from DVD#1, so… please understand that it’s important to “start from the beginning” unless you are a fairly advanced martial artist or staged combat practitioner.

  • Advanced Saber Spins
  • Advanced Combat Actions & Techniques
  • Higher Level Paired Combat Forms
  • Patterns & Drills
  • Saber Disarms
  • Basic “fall” techniques
  • Martial Arts intermediate level moves, intermediate Tricking, and more!


PLEASE NOTE These training DVDs are “data discs”, and also include fight notation files, diagrams, and photos–each meant to help enrich your ability to learn and to track/notate/study fight work.  The DVDs do not have “region codes”, nor are they meant to play in older “TV DVD” players.  The DVD videos and files are accessible by any common desktop computer, laptop computer, or other devices with general files systems.

For questions, please e-mail — we’re here to help!

Purchase NCSCS DVD#2

NOTE: Sabers are *NOT* included with NCSCS DVD purchases at this time. In the future, we may be able to allow the option to add L.E.D. sabers to your purchase of the NCSCS videos, so keep it in mind!