Client:Purchase NCSCS DVD#1
Date:March 01, 2013


This is the DVD that started it all–Novastar & Caine teamed up to pack their 20+ years of experience in martial arts, fencing, staged combat and even tricking/acrobatics into a tour-de-Force of saber combat.

In-depth tutorials that walk you through an organized system of both “staged” saber combat (as choreography), and real-time sparring as well. Additional combat and saber spin forms abound in this 4gb DVD–packed with 100+ minutes of instruction.

  • Saber Spins
  • Combat Actions
  • Paired Combat Forms
  • Patterns & Drills
  • Martial Arts Basics, Tricking, and more!

PLEASE NOTE These training DVDs are “data discs”, and also include fight notation files, diagrams, and photos–each meant to help enrich your ability to learn and to track/notate/study fight work.  The DVDs do not have “region codes”, nor are they meant to play in older “TV DVD” players.  The DVD videos and files are accessible by any common desktop computer, laptop computer, or other devices with general files systems.

For questions, please e-mail — we’re here to help!

DVD#1 not enough for you? No problem, order the 2-DVD NCSCS SET below! Or… don’t forget about Paul Myers’ SaberSpin Tutorial DVD–also available here at!

Purchase NCSCS DVD#1

NOTE: Sabers are *NOT* included with NCSCS DVD purchases at this time. In the future, we may be able to allow the option to add L.E.D. sabers to your purchase of the NCSCS videos, so keep it in mind!