Client:Purchase both NCSCS DVDs
Date:March 01, 2013


The 2-DVD Set comes in a single DVD box, with slightly different artwork and photo design for the cover art.  Shipping remains *FREE*, as with our single purchase NCSCS DVDs!  Additionally, there is a slight discount for buying the 2-DVD set, so don’t wait!

  • Basic and Advanced Saber Spins
  • Basic and Advanced Combat Actions & Techniques
  • Basic to Expert Level Paired Combat Forms
  • Multiple Patterns & Drills
  • Saber Disarms
  • Basic “fall” techniques
  • Martial Arts Basic and Intermediate level moves, intermediate Tricking, and more!


With nearly every video from DVD2 in sharp & crisp HD-quality 1920 x 1080 footage, 3 special guest artists, and the foundational basics from DVD1, you’ll be training with NCSCS for many hours, with plenty of tools and drills to draw from!  Challenge yourself: grab up your 2-DVD set of NCSCS today…

PLEASE NOTE These training DVDs are “data discs”, and also include fight notation files, diagrams, and photos–each meant to help enrich your ability to learn and to track/notate/study fight work.  The DVDs do not have “region codes”, nor are they meant to play in older “TV DVD” players.  The DVD videos and files are accessible by any common desktop computer, laptop computer, or other devices with general files systems.


Purchase the 2-DVD Set of NCSCS!