Performances & Events

Host your corporate event or personal event with style, technology, high-octane saber combat, and fully costumed performers!

What could be better than bright sabers with amazing sound effects in the hands of capable performers who are ready to teach, challenge, perform and instruct your group in team-building events… special performances… unique workshops, and also hold raffles and friendly competitions for prizes, gifts and other goodies?

    Not much!

Schedule with SaberCombat.Com today… and take your first step into a larger world…


With any inquiry, please also include some thoughts regarding one or more of the following:

  • Timeframe/deadline — this is important, we’d want to know if we have 2 months or 2 weeks to prepare…
  • Budget — also very important, which can help us keep things simple, or suggest going “all out”–depending on cost concerns…
  • Length of performance/event — whether you wish us to perform for 2 minutes and instruct for 60… we’ll want to know!
  • Desired amount of performers — we can assemble one performer, two, or even 15!  Just let us know what your needs are, and we will accommodate your event.  We also have a wide variety of performers with different costumes, so… the sky’s the limit!
  • Special circumstances — in some cases, if your event has specific needs (such as acrobatics or unique characters,  special weapon styles and more)… just let us know!  We can even re-create famous movie film battles, such as seen in “Star Wars: A New Hope”, “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of The Jedi” (as examples)
  • Choreography for your OWN performers — Have a film fight you need choreographed?  Lack experience?  Need to teach some actors about basic sword or saber actions and general martial arts?  You’re still on the right website: contact us!


Saber Combat Banner & Logo 2014

Saber Combat Banner & Logo 2014


Please note that SaberCombat and its instructors and affiliates are in the San Jose/San Francisco bay area, so–in general–we serve areas from Santa Cruz to Marin.  However, depending on budget, logistics, preparation time and other concerns–we can certainly travel if accommodations and scheduling can be worked out!


  • WORKSHOPS — In addition to holding our own workshops (what we call “SCW”s — Saber Combat Workshops), we can do a weekend class or workshop for YOUR needs!  Sabers can be provided, along with detailed instruction in saber spins, simulated combative actions (staged combat), and even basic martial arts and “falls/rolls”.  In general, you can even walk away with footage of “your own fight scene” in the style of “Star Wars”(tm)!  Your only limit is your imagination–contact us to put an event together!


  • PERFORMANCES — Over the years, we’ve performed at Boy Scout / Cub Scout troops… special corporate events… and even put together our own live performances for benefit causes and/or chances to give back to the community.  The sky’s the limit!  It can be as simple or as complex as you desire… you simply need to express your needs and give us enough time & logistics to prepare…


See below for a few more examples of the kinds of performances we’ve either put together on our own… or worked upon with other passionate, artistic individuals and groups!




Corey v Wheezy 3

Additionally, there are many options that come into play with different events, so… here are a few ideas to think about:

  • BIRTHDAY PARTIES — Action-packed and a ton of fun, there can be toy saber prizes for all attendees, a special custom saber made for the birthday boy or girl, and we can even have a “Darth Vader” appear–perfect for some limited saber training & photos.  Additionally, pinatas and other special items can enter the equation!


Below are a few examples of previous birthday parties, although they are only a few of the many 100s of events we’ve done…