May 2nd Saber Combat Family Fun Event!

May 2nd SC Event

Come check out SaberCombat.Com’s awesome “May The Fourth Be With You” style event on 5/2 from 3pm-7pm at the *NEW* Twister’s Sports Center!

Tons of games and prizes, including:

  • SaberCombat T-Shirts
  • SaberCombat Training DVDs
  • Movie Tickets with Concession Stand Money!
  • SW T-Shirts
  • SW Plush Toys
  • MP3 Player
  • SaberSpin Tutorial DVDs
  • Solo’s Hold T-Shirts
  • Vintage SW VHS Box Set
  • Gift Certificates
  • Saber Keychains
  • …and more!

Payments at the door, or, you can pre-pay online via PayPal (or any electronic service) to Novastar@SaberCombat.Com


Adult Tickets (17+)


Youth Tickets (16 and -)

For large groups, please e-mail Novastar@SaberCombat.Com directly.

Youth under 6 enter FOR FREE!!!  :)

All children under 16 must be accompanied & supervised by a legal guardian.

Announcements about costumes & changing, food & drinks, and facility rules will be made at the beginning of the event.


"Novastar" (Matthew) is the co-founder of CA Bay-Area-based SaberCombat.Com, NCSCS, and Golden Gate Knights. He is an accomplished saber fencing instructor, martial artist, and staged combat expert. For more information, contact him here at SaberCombat.Com, or find him on youtube ("greytale"), or Facebook (Novastar).