ESB Live Show – 3 cam edit

ESB - Behind The Scenes

Directing and producing this never-before-attempted (by anyone!) 100% LIVE re-creation of the ESB fight and scene between the epic heroes that we’ve grown to know and love since 1977 was a lot of excitement and fun…

…but it also came with throngs of WORK, PLANNING… and some very serious creative thinking in order to make the show both inexpensive (for a meager budget!), yet also effective on-stage.

It’s been a huge blessing for me to work with my talented team, including Gary Ripper as “Vader”, Mark Mensch on set and lighting design, and several others, without whom, this project would not have been launched.

My thanks to all who helped this journey become reality… MTFBWY!


Nova - Ripper Test 03 scNova Ripper - BLUE w Saber Lock Effect (sc)

IMG_0349adj1138 sc

ESB Nova-Ripper Montage 02

Experience the LIVE “ESB Show re-creation” for yourself!  Complete with all new sounds, all new vocals, all new music, all new foley & effects… along with a functional set and super bright saber props!

This download is the three-camera edited version, including as much HD/HQ footage as was available during the performance/production.