Novastar's Basic Staged Combat Tutorial

NCSCS DLC – Novastar’s Basic Staged Combat Tutorial

The tutorial that started it all regarding Novastar’s work in developing the NCSCS system, this 9 minute video will get you started with the rudimentary and foundational basics regarding saber combat and staged combat in general. For more extensive training, purchase the NCSCS S

NCSCS DLC – Notational Mastery

In this seven and a half minute video, Novastar walks you through using the NCSCS notational system at an advanced/expert level.  What you’ll learn will help you to identify and to notate what only appears to be complicated sword/saber actions in professional films and performan

ESB Live Show – 3 cam edit

Directing and producing this never-before-attempted (by anyone!) 100% LIVE re-creation of the ESB fight and scene between the epic heroes that we’ve grown to know and love since 1977 was a lot of excitement and fun… …but it also came with throngs of WORK, PLANNING… and som