DLC Launched!

Codex of Combat Choreography (AVATAR-LOGO)

SaberCombat DLC Launched!

SaberCombat DLC videos, sound and notation are finally here!  :)

It’s been a long road, but it’s only the beginning, and there will be plenty more to come!  Mostly in the form of Videos, Sound Work, and notation from what I’ll call the CCC (“Codex of Combat Choroeography”), you will now be able to download video tutorials on saber combat, Novastar’s sound fonts (many of which are also available officially via SaberFont.Com), special event footage, behind-the-scenes videos, and large-scale production videos (such as the live re-creation of the “Empire Strikes Back” performances).

So stay tuned, keep sending in requests and thoughts for content, and the SaberCombat DLC will continue to populate the site!






C3 or CCC (Codex of Combat Choreography)  — COMING SOON!



Thanks again for all of your support.  Without the fans, affiliates, friends, and associates of SaberCombat… I’d not be able to share all of this with everyone!



"Novastar" (Matthew) is the co-founder of CA Bay-Area-based SaberCombat.Com, NCSCS, and Golden Gate Knights. He is an accomplished saber fencing instructor, martial artist, and staged combat expert. For more information, contact him here at SaberCombat.Com, or find him on youtube ("greytale"), or Facebook (Novastar).