• "At times like this I wish we were closer.  Anyone in the area where Novastar & Caine instruct...  you do not want to miss this!

    Having observed their teaching in person recently, for the first time, I have to tell you that Caine and Novastar rock!  They are great instructors who are fun to learn from and teach great content.  Awesome price too!"   --Allaerra of Vader's Vault

    Luminara (Allaerra of Vader's Vault)
  • "I was impressed when I finally got to be instructed by these guys in person. This is the real deal people."  --Rob Petkau
    Rob Petkau (Genesis Custom Sabers)
  • "I own copies of both NCSCS DVDs, and I also attended one of the free events--"Saber Symphony of the Night".  When I saw the depth of commitment and passion Novastar and Caine have for what they do, I was truly BLOWN AWAY.  Wherever you are right now, and wherever you want to get to with saber combat, these guys have pretty much written the book (OK, the DVDs / Apps) on it.  Accept no substitutes! If you want the best, they ARE the best!" ~Matt Shields
    Matthew Shields
  • "This saber combat system is a blast, yes!  I purchased both NCSCS Apps, and I'm really happy with what I've learned from them.  The tutorials are clear, fun, sometimes funny, and also very technical--it's exactly what I wanted and needed.

    Must I say that Nova & Caine rock?  Yes, I must.  Because to me, that's true.

    Please keep up the pace and the great job, Novastar & Caine!   NovaCaine!  As I wrote before: Long live to NCSCS!!"

    --Chris "Backdash" Shinbios
    Chris Shinbios
  • "I've only just begun to peruse Vol 1 of the NCSCS DVDs, but what a wealth of information! I've already learned a few things from from my regular attendance of GGK classes via Novastar's instruction, but I can only imagine how all this must appear to those not fortunate enough to live near SF!

    Probably the most important thing that's jumped out at me so far is the initial emphasis on footwork. This crucial element has been absent from the vast majority of fan-made films I've seen, and the negative effect is not to be ignored. Buy this DVD, people! Skip lunch for a few days. Your body and mind will thank you! If enough people learn this system, just imagine the staging possibilities when we meet at cons! We'll be able to put on a show like they've never seen!"

    -- David S.

    FOLLOW UP (edit by Novastar):

    As many of you may know... due to David's persistence, diligence, training, hard work, and commitment to use the NCSCS training to stay in shape and keep learning more, he also made a huge impact on the filming of DVD2!  On DVD2, you'll see a 100 action fight scene with Novastar and David, verifying that even someone with *NO* initial training can--through due diligence--perform fairly advanced choreography... even after only a year or so of training (@ 1 night per week).

    David S.
  • "I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for creating the NCSCS DVDs and making them available to everyone. My son and I are going slow and getting familiar with the basics, and we've been practicing Forms I and II to work on the basic attacks and defense from static position. We'll probably spend a few more weeks on static I & II, then we'll look at the footwork drills and work on I & II with advanced positions.

    We're having SO much fun!

    We've been using his plastic toys R us lightsabers because he doesn't know about the LED sabers for his birthday yet. Regardless, the joy on his face is priceless. He's picking it up pretty quickly for a soon to be 6 year old. If he only put this much focus into his Taekwondo forms!

    If there were people like you and Caine around when ~I~ was his age, my lightsaber battles with my cousin would have been much cooler!

    Anyway, Thanks again. For the advice, guidance, and the great training system. This is something my son and I can have a lot of fun with and make some memories. I am really looking forward to someday meeting you both in person--hopefully at the SCW workshops--and getting some hands on training with the masters."

    --Brian P.

        EXTENSIVE UPDATE!! (by Brian):

    "I must say, SaberCombat.com and the NCSCS system have given my son and I some really happy and unexpected benefits. Seeing Nova and Caine in the tutorials, and understanding they gained their skills in saber combat choreography through years of hard work training in martial arts has really inspired my son to focus on his Taekwondo studies.

    Since starting NCSCS training, Danny has really started taking his own martial arts training seriously. So much so, that at his last belt test, he won a special award for the most merit coins turned in on test day, and at his promotion ceremony, his instructor made a point to comment on the big difference he sees in Danny now. That is something my son is REALLY proud of, and to see that on his face is amazing. Seeing this change in my son has also inspired me to take my own martial arts studies more seriously. I want to keep having fun with my kids, having all the crazy adventures we can dream up, as long as I'm able. For that, I need to stay fit, keep moving, and be healthy. At some point, I won't be able to keep up with the kids, but you've both inspired me to put that off as LONG as I can.

    I just passed my next level test in my OWN martial arts studies, and that is something I am really proud of. We train NCSCS every weekend, and we both have a new enthusiasm for our other martial arts studies. Unexpected benefits!

    And finally, on a personal note, I have to say thank you from me to you guys. You have provided coaching, support, friendships, and introduced me to a whole community I had no idea even existed. I thought I was too old to have fun like this. You've proved me wrong. And I thank you.

    I can not wait for the next workshop!!! Keep it up guys. It's a BLAST!"

    --Brian P.
    Brian P. (and son!)
  • "Okay. I just got the NCSCS DVD #1 today. Watched about 98% of it all in one sitting. Words cannot describe the amount of time and love Nova & Caine have put into this. They demonstrate moves in real-time and in slow-motion. Even with different angles when they can. The notation system is cool, too. They teach you the basics, and then show you ways to expand on it. They even have the notation system in a friggin' word file for you to use!! Spins, Kicks...the works!! They even cover footwork, which is one thing I know I always forget to do. Thing is....they realize it too. So it's the first vid you'll be watching. They even have a sparring section in there.

    Is NovaCaine awesome or what?

    You don't have to answer. You know this to be true.  If you love to swing around your LED saber... it is required that you get these DVDs.  Your saber leads to NCSCS. NCSCS leads to training. Training leads to awesomeness.

    My saber group doesn't know it yet... but they will be learning this system. Saber combat / Choreography... here we come!

    Eagerly awaiting the next NCSCS installment!"

    -- "Talon"
  • "I haven't watched all of the videos yet but what I have watched I've been very impressed with. I've watched the basic, footwork, spins, pretty much all but the one in combat category. I'm mostly a beginner (have one year TKD one 6 month of a kung fu style) and I'm pretty sure I can do everything I've seen on the DVD with practice. I liked how you categorized it so you can watch the parts your most interested in.

    I liked that you threw in saber staff and dual saber tips too. I look forward to seeing those forms but have plenty to start playing with just from NCSCS volume 1.

    My only question is why are you reading this e-mail instead of making the next DVD in the set right now? How can you sleep when you have such an exciting project in the works!!

    Feel free to post the above email to use for promotional purposes. I'll also do what little I can to spread the word on my face book page and the few people I know in the area who like star wars.

    When you have time to answer I was wondering when you think you'll make the saber staff form. I have plenty to work on with the ones in the video but am very excited to learn about saber staff. I"ll be working on the staff spins tomorrow too.

    Great product!! I don't have any constructive criticism yet, since I've only watched the videos, not tried out the material yet. I would start now but 2:30 AM on the second floor of an apartment is not a good time to work out, lol.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!"

    -- Aaron Cooper
    Aaron Cooper
  • "I just got my copy of the NCSCS Disc 1 yesterday and went through all of the vids and info on the disc in one sitting!!

    Just when I think you two couldn't show me anything cooler than the last thing, you kick it into overdrive!

    I already own both Caine's Seven Forms DVDs and Novastar's Staged Combat Tutorial #1. My brother and I have been training using these systems for a little while now and have been very impressed with the attention to detail both of you put forward when it comes to your tutorials. I myself have become much faster and more fluid in my execution of these techniques. My brother has also been able to make a much more convincing Jedi to duel against.

    I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to put together such a realistic combat system for we Star Wars fans who've always wanted to swing a saber and have it look great!

    Can't wait to incorporate this new material into our routines. Who knows? Maybe we can get a class started here in Lafayette, LA.

    Please keep up the great work!"

    -- David
    David Griffin