Atlas Saber Combat Class

2nd night of the SJ combat workshop… SPECIAL THANKS TO MICHELLE DIRCK ON THIS ONE!! Atlas School of Dance was originally founded, instructed, and run by Fran Atlas… an amazing lady who I met waaaay back in high school (via drama, theatre, etc.). 

Course of The Force!

Novastar (Matthew), Alain Bloch, Daniel Okada and Julio Reyes of Golden Gate Knights all made an appearance at “Course of The Force” (2013)… Below is a short but sweet “V-Log” of how the event transpired:

The Emperor makes an appearance…

Novastar & Gary “Vader” Ripper recently were requested for a very special wedding event–a renewal of vows for two very dedicated Star Wars fans! It was an honor for us to be there… here is just a clip highlight!  More comin’ soon…  

SCW#04 – Saber Combat Workshop #04

SABER COMBAT WORKSHOP #04 (SCW 04) ————————–————————–– Comin’ atcha, comin’ thru! PERSONAL SABER FORMS! Caine & Nova instructin’ again… Persona

Caine’s Personal Saber Form!

Using an “Ascend” LED saber (by Rob Petkau of Genesis Custom Sabers), Caine shows his martial expertise, creativity, speed and enjoyment of saber combat! Don’t miss out on the fun!  Show us what *YOU* have, and join a class, workshop or post a video sometime…
Google Saber

Google Glass – Saber Combat (1st video ever!)

GOOGLE GLASS SABER VIDEO!! Some months ago, I was approached by Google to instruct some saber combat classes.  Christina and Dave participated in my first “Google Saber” class.  This was the result of their efforts to train and learn about NCSCS in only 6 short classes, an
Novastar - Fencing Medals

Novastar’s Personal Saber Form @ GGK 100th Class

After co-founding The Golden Gate Knights in San Francisco over 2 years ago, it was a great blessing and honor for me to award some of the advanced students a special CD of staged combat, tools, drills, and other materials as a token of my appreciation to their hard work… and al
SaberCombat.Com - Unleash The Force Within...

Oakland Temple Hill Orchestra SW Performance!

SaberCombat.Com & GoldenGateKnights.Com were asked to put together a large live performance to help showcase the wonderful & inspiring music of John Williams–as performed by Temple Hill Orchestra! Special thanks to everyone who supported us throughout rehearsals, along w

NCSCS on BazingaPop…

A fun and exciting article written by Kate Pearson of “BazingaPop”!     Check it out!!

107.7 “The Bone” – NovaCaine on the Radio!

On Friday, April 5th, both Novastar (Matthew) and Caine (Mark) were interviewed by Jaegermeister and hosted by Ander from famous SF radio station 107.7 “The Bone”!!  Just as an FYI, Steven Seaweed was sick… so we hope he’s feeling better…   Here̵