Nova Starwalker vs. Darth Ripper (5.3.2014 Show & Workshop)


Almost a year in the making, SaberCombat.Com created a never-before seen *LIVE* version of the epic ESB film, a saber battle from a long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far, away…   The debut performance was held on 5.3.2014, as part of a bigger “May The Fourth” eve
Google Saber Class Session 02 Highlights

Google Saber – 2nd Class Sessions’ Highlights

  Here are some highlights from the last few class sessions @ Google!  I’m looking forward to the upcoming classes for 2014… stay tuned!  
Vader Chest Box upgrade by Novastar

Vader Chest Box Project (by Novastar)

Hey guys… Novastar here… So, I’ve been working on an entire Darth Vader costume for several months now!  In addition to having to create myself some “height cheats” in order to be a bit more appropriate height for the Vader character… I also opted t
Mos Eisley Event Saber Fight

“Mos Eisley” Bar Fight Scene…

In late 2013, SaberCombat was asked to put together an entourage of saber fighting, “ambiance”, and scenes for a special event… This is the result–a “Mos Eisley” style saber combat event, similar to the bar scene in Star Wars ™ Episode IV.  A
Google Saber

More Google Saber!

Another great fight scene from Novastar’s students at Google HQ in Mountain View, CA… this one was from the 2nd & 3rd sets of classes from 2013. Keep your eyes peeled for both 1/23/2014 (Google Saber show!) and the upcoming classes at Google in 2014…

SC Workshop #04 – Quick Blog

Saber Combat Workshop #5 (scw#05) will be coming soon now that it’s 2014… but here’s a short blog of SCW#04…   Hope to see you at the next workshop!  Stay tuned for details…
Saber Combat T-Shirts (by Jania and

SaberCombat T-Shirts!

  SaberCombat T-Shirts are now available soon!  Come grab one up, and add it to your collection of awesome saber garb…
Novastar and Chris Villa (Santa Cruz Patch - by Brad Kava) logo

Santa Cruz’s “The Patch” article! (by Brad Kava)

Brad Kava of the Santa Cruz “Patch” (CA) interviewed myself (Novastar) and one of my mentors and associates, Christopher Villa… Here is the article and video regarding both the new “Force Fitness” classes, and a little bit of my own beginnings into fencin
Force Fitness (by Novastar)

“Force Fitness” Saber Classes!

*NEW* on-going Saber Combat Classes!!!  

San Diego Comic Con (2013)

Novastar & Alain’s saber battle (below) Short V-Log of the SDCC 2013 experience (below)   As special guests of SaberGuild.Com, myself and Alain (as co-founders of The Golden Gate Knights), along with many of our team of wonderful “Knights” such as Daniel Oka