Birthday Parties

Birthday parties by SaberCombat!

Birthday parties by SaberCombat.Com & associates!  CLICK THE PHOTO FOR A CLOSER LOOK!!

There are many options that come into play with different events, so… here are a few ideas to think about:

  • YOUTH PARTIES — Action-packed and a ton of fun, there can be toy saber prizes for all attendees, a special custom saber made for the birthday boy or girl, and we can even have a “Darth Vader” appear–perfect for some limited saber training & photos.  Additionally, pinatas and other special items, such as saber prizes & keychains for all attendees can enter the equation!

  • ADULTS INSTEAD OF KIDS?!?! — Yup, even adults hold saber combat parties, and we most certainly welcome it!  These are often just as much fun as youth birthday parties, and sometimes… even MORE fun, since there are far more advanced games, drills, training, and challenges that can be presented.  Contact us for more details!!



Below are a few examples of previous birthday parties, although they are only a few of the many 100s of events we’ve done…


Contact us for pricing, scheduling & availability!  Every event is different, unique and TONS OF FUN!  No party or event is too complicated, nor could there ever be “too many” participants.  With enough time, planning & logistics… we can make your event memorable for lifetimes to come!

Recommended for ages 7+ for youth, although there is NO true limit for ages…

Some events are held in unique facilities, while others are in the backyard of a family’s home: it all depends on creativity, budget, logistics and planning!

Special optional concepts and/or additional items such as party favors, cake, pinata and more can be added as well!  The sky is the limit–or rather, only our collective imaginations with the party YOU want to create!

Book with us today!

Don’t wait!  Our schedule fills up *very* quickly.  Really… not kidding!!

Vader & Luke (Ripper & Nova) with boys edit_sc

Vader & Luke (Ripper & Nova) with b-day boys