Affiliates & Saber Vendors

Purchase sabers, hilts, electronics, sound fonts and more from our trusted affiliates!


Here, you will find links and banner graphics to our trusted LED saber affiliates and saber builder associates, such as sites like FX-Sabers.Com, VadersVault.Com, SaberFont.Com, GenesisCustomSabers.Com, PlecterLabs.Com, LDMCustomSabers.Com, TheCustomSaberShop.Com, GoldenGateKnights.Com and more!

Our trusted saber affiliates include businesses that have been proven to work ethically, with high standards of quality, high standards of customer service–and are comprised of generally awesome people!  These businesses aren’t just there for a quick buck… they are Star Wars(tm) fans, doing work for the fans, and building innovative pieces of machined saber art (sometimes in sound work–such as from Rob Petkau of Genesis Custom Sabers & Novastar himself of SaberCombat.Com)… out of PASSION & dedication to excellence.


FX-Sabers - Home of the Ultimate Graflex Chassis (by Yoda)

FX-Sabers — The Ultimate Graflex Chassis & Sabers (by Yoda) … with high quality, ethical sabersmiths & forums!


PlecterLabs Logo (800x 200)

Plecter Labs — Electronics for props that really function! Crystal Focus, Petit Crouton, Nano Biscotte, Crystal Shard, Voice Core and MORE… this is where high quality sound & light began with sabers!


The Custom Saber Shop

The Custom Saber Shop – Your one-stop shop for building YOUR OWN L.E.D. Saber!


Genesis Custom Sabers - Not all sabers are created equal...

Genesis Custom Sabers – Not all sabers are created equal…


Vader's Vault

Vader’s Vault — Home of Oppression Stopping Purplicious Purple RGB mixing!


Lord Dottore Matto (LDM Custom Sabers)

Home of the MKVI, MKIII and Malakyte Dueling Sabers


JQSabers - High-grade, custom-machined unique saber props!

JQSabers – High-grade, custom-machined unique saber props!