Our Goal…

The goal of SaberCombat.com is to promote awesome, convincing, professional-looking LED saber combat for individuals and groups of all kinds, throughout the world.  Through SaberCombat.com, you will learn the basics of martial arts, saber fencing, performing, and how it can be done in a SIMPLE, EFFICIENT manner.

The SaberCombat training DVDs are the basis of our site, but downloadable content is now being provided in the form of bonus videos, tutorials, documents, and all sorts of tools to help you with your staged combat / saber combat needs!


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NOVASTAR (Matthew)

Novastar - Blue Saber w Hood 02adj

Maestro Matthew (Novastar)

Click the image for brief video on Saber Fencing Basics…

Fencing at Nationals - stretching out

Owner of SaberCombat.Com & NCSCS, and co-founder of Golden Gate Knights, Matthew “Novastar” Carauddo brings over 15 years of experience in fencing, staged combat and martial arts (Wing Chun Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Shotokan Karate, Jeet Kune Do, Tricking). Matthew is a licensed fencing instructor, approved and examined by the Francais Federation D’Escrime (FFE). He has taught hundreds of group fencing classes and one-on-one lessons behind the mask throughout the California bay area at schools, academies of fencing, summer camps, and parks & recreational facilities.

Learn more about Matthew’s Saber Fencing work at his fencing business site:

The Cutting Edge

Novastar - Fencing Medals

Novastar (Matthew)
Fencing medals from over the years of competitive saber fencing

Additionally, Novastar trains in the martial arts sport of “Tricking”. Often seen with Team LoopKicks in the San Jose/Palo Alto, CA bay area–he trains hard to spin, flip, twist, and kick to both stay in shape… and to apply the moves to staged combat.

Here are some examples of what Novastar’s “Tricking” combos look like:


Matthew achieved his FFE (Federation Francaise d’Escrime) diploma in France after testing in front of several French fencing masters, and after years of training, assisting with instruction, and years of competitive saber fencing.  Studying originally under Maestro Daniel Tibbetts of California Fencing Academy, Matthew continued forward from there, learning from additional instructors and masters over the past 12 years, including: Maestro Marcos Lucchetti, Prevost Miklos Benedek, Maestro Rob Handelman, Maestro Tomek Amborski, Maestro Anthony Joslin, and several others.

In addition to this, Matthew had to say: “Fencing also helped me rehabilitate my ankles after some accidents I’d had, including falling off a cliff, which badly damaged my right ankle… and later, another accident that wrecked my left ankle.  I really had some trouble running, bending my ankles too far, and lifting heavy things, but after some PAINFUL dedication to fencing footwork, hard work in general, and tons of training… my ankles improved DRAMATICALLY.  All the hard work paid off, and I basically came out stronger after my accidents.”

Matthew’s staged combat experience ranges from choreographing classic plays such as “Twelfth Night” and “Romeo & Juliet”, to children’s performances of “Peter Pan”, “The Three Muskateers”, and quite naturally… L.E.D. light saber combat!

In 2006, Novastar launched “Balance of Power”, a series of 100% live staged combat shows, complete with music, vocals, story, character, and of course–saber combat. Visit “greytale” on Youtube to see more of Novastar’s “Balance of Power” performances, along with many other videos regarding sabers and martial arts:


Novastar - Click for some sweet saber action!


Finally, Novastar is also considered one of the primary pioneers of the “sound font” (2006/2007), which is basically a collection of “swing” and “clash” motion effects meant for custom sound/light driver boards for LED saber props. Originally designed for Erv Plecter’s “Crystal Focus” board, Novastar’s original & unique sound fonts continue to be the inspiration for amazing sound design in the saber community today.

Learn more about sound fonts at: http://www.saberfont.com