Saber Combat Workshop #1 (SCW 01)

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A father and son have enjoyed
the NCSCS training videos
they've learned from so much...

...they put together this fun and
exciting video of NCSCS basics!

Novastar loved their dedication and
hard work... so he added some
effects and video work to it!

"Darth Daddy vs. Danny"

Spooktacular Saber Combat!

Our spooktacular,
Halloween event...

"Saber Symphony
Of The Night"...

Check it out!


 Welcome to SaberCombat.Com, saber hero!  Home of the saber combat
training “NCSCS” DVDs and videos, created by Novastar & Caine.  If
you’re looking for high-octane fight scenes, saber events, workshops,
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For more information, call us at 408-417-1148, or e-mail Novastar@SaberCombat.Com.



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More information on SaberCombat and NCSCS!

  • Purchasing Training Materials...

    Click on the above "Purchase" Link to view more about what you'll be learning from the NCSCS DVDs. Additionally, watch the videos provided, either via our website here, or on Youtube. Finally, if the video links, descriptions and information provided leave you with any questions at all about what exactly you'll find on the DVDs, don't hesitate to contact us! We're available via e-mail, Youtube, Facebook and even forums like as well! Take care, train hard, and have fun with your L.E.D. Sabers!! --Novastar & Caine
  • DVD2 is now released! May the 4th Be With You...

    Click on the above "Purchase" link to buy, or see the Purchase link for more details on the awesome DVDs available, including BanditJedi's awesome SaberSpin Tutorials! Downloadable content coming soon... ...such as Caine's "7 Saber Forms" videos... more saber forms (individual and paired combat forms!), drills, helpful thoughts on filming & editing, and even "walk through" tutorials on previous content! Additionally, you'll find "NCSCS Notated Combat" from famous film battles, such as the saber fights from EP I, II, III, IV, V, and VI... giving you the tools to help you with your staged combat / saber combat needs!
  • About NCSCS...

    Years in the making, the NCSCS DVDs (Novastar and Caine's Saber Combat System) are the basis of our site, but in the near future, downloadable content will be provided in the form of bonus videos, tutorials, Keep your eyes open--we'll be updating as soon as we possibly can, and don't forget to join us on FACEBOOK! -- Novastar & Caine
  • Codex of Combat Choreography! (CCC)

    Utilizing the NCSCS notation, Novastar has been able to "write out" classic sword and saber fighting scenes, such as those from SW EP I, III, IV, V, VI, and even other famous fight scenes from "The Princess Bride", "Rob Roy" and many more! This is all coming soon, but... keep your eyes open for essentially "sheet music" on re-creating your favorite movie fight scenes!


This is the DVD that started it all--Novastar & Caine teamed up to pack their 20+ years of experienc
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More intense, far more advanced techniques and saber actions, sparring moves, saber spins, combat fo
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The 2-DVD Set comes in a single DVD box, with slightly different artwork and photo design for the co
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SaberSpin Tutorial DVD (BanditJedi) is proud to offer Paul “BanditJedi” Myers’ SaberSpin Tutorial DVD! All sales of Paul
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